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Having a website requires a lot of time, thought, and resources in the initial planning and implementation, but creating it is only half the battle. Once you've actually put the site online, the real challenge lies in maintaining and updating it. Keeping your site fresh encourages people to return. Poor maintenance is a sure way of losing visitors - and business - perhaps permanently.

There are old, dusty websites littering the internet. You see them all the time- sites that literally haven't changed for two, three or four years. They look "old". Most of these old, dusty webpages are like that because the owners found that it was too time consuming and... well... boring to keep them up.

Technology changes so fast that some say a "web year" is one month! A site begins to look and act old without updating. Furthermore components of the site can malfunction, requiring maintenance.

Change for the sake of change isn't necessary, but if you are a business, updating your website is like updating your company brochures, ads and retail displays.

Let TEK help you

It is often thought that companies can save money by having their own staff make modifications to the website. This is in error: Professional website managers simply perform this task better, quicker, more accurately and cost-effectively. We have seen a "simple" website for a business that their staff then took over upgrading and within 2 months the site had broken links and the navigation structure was in shambles, and picture pages that took 10 minutes(!) to load. The "saving" was definitely lost in the appearance and usability of the site.

We can take all or parts of these responsibilities off your shoulders, in addition to providing copy writing, proof reading and spelling/grammar checking of your text- so that your website looks and sounds professional.

If you are like the average business person, you don't have time to learn html coding and server administration. You can use that time to devote to your core business.

Web design and maintenance is our core business. Let us do it for you so that you can focus on what you do best.

There are at least four areas of website maintenance and web site management that TEK Services can work with you on:

1. Content
2 Technology
3. Development and marketing
4. Response and customer service

Feel free to email us with any questions or inquiries you may have at

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