Custom Website Design

You know your business better than anyone. Let TEK Services partner with you to design a website that will accomplish your goals and meet your needs. We pride ourselves in forming a one-on-one relationship and learning about your business in order to put a custom built website online that will work for you.

If your company is still a brick and mortar and not currently taking advantage of doing business on the Internet, we can help you design a web presence that will open up new channels of revenue for you.

We can let you select from many professionally designed web templates to quickly and inexpensively create a strong, professional online image for your business. Using pre-designed templates for the "look and feel" and then modifying them to fit your content saves you money and time getting a well designed site online.

Or if you have already created your own unique "look and feel" - or "branding" - for your company, our designers can take your existing graphics materials, advertising copy, and color schemes and create an online web presence that is a seamless extension of your offline business.

Website Redesign & Updating

If you feel your site needs a 'makeover' or it's just not in harmony with your current needs, we can help you get a new look, while keeping the desirable elements that you already have. If your content is current, but your website just needs a "new" look, we can use either our professionally designed graphics templates or have our web designers modernize and update the look of your current site, and incorporate your existing information into your new, fast loading and efficient web presence.

Feel free to email us with any questions or inquiries you may have at

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